Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry focuses on helping patients of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. At Scripps Family Dental, we offer a wide range of services, from general cleanings to cosmetic and restorative treatments.


Family dentistry is a branch of dental specialty that focuses on the oral health care needs of every member of the family, including children, seniors, and pregnant women.

At-home dental care

Brushing and flossing regularly at home is the foundation of a healthy smile. Plaque and bacteria buildup in the mouth can lead to decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once per day will dramatically reduce your risk of oral health problems.


In addition, you and your family should be visiting your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and checkup.

Benefits of family dentistry for children

Choosing family dentistry for your young ones will provide a number of benefits. Here are a few of the benefits that your young ones will receive through family dentistry.


  • A positive dental experience early in life will encourage good oral health habits.
  • First dental visits help the dentist look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues that can cause problems later in life.

Benefits of family dentistry for adults

Your family’s oral health is interconnected. If one family member has gum disease, it can affect everyone. For instance, a diabetic patient is more likely to have gum disease than someone without diabetes. And gum disease can make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar.


Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings can prevent gum disease. A dentist can also spot early signs of oral cancer. Early detection is key to surviving oral cancer.

Please reach out to our dental practice in Sacramento, CA, to consult with our dentists, Dr. Rollofson Porrino and Dr. Fouladi. Call Scripps Family Dental in Sacramento, CA, at (916) 929-1156 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.
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