Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

Dental Prophylaxis, also known as dental cleaning, is an in-office dental procedure involving mineralized cleaning build-ups of bacteria-rich plaque or calculus. We may recommend this procedure to clean such accumulation and keep your dental health in check. We suggest it twice a year as it also helps to keep cavities and caries at bay. People of all ages, including children, may opt for this procedure. Prophylaxis plays a crucial role in maintaining your child’s dental health.

Why Opt for Dental Cleaning?

The accumulation of the elements such as plaque on your teeth is very common, especially where your gums meet the teeth. It creates a sticky film, and you can feel it after running your tongue onto it. Such build-up of bacteria causes many dental problems such as infection and inflammation, thus leading to gum diseases.

While most of the build-up can be cleaned if you maintain regular dental hygiene like brushing or flossing, some areas are difficult to reach. When you miss taking care of these areas, the layer of plaque hardens into a substance known as calculus. It is extremely hard and cannot be removed using regular brushing. You can address this problem with dental cleaning and also control inflammation and infection.

What Happens During the Procedure?

You can walk into our clinic and opt for this procedure. During the treatment, we will remove tartar from teeth using special tools. This procedure is known as scaling. Once the tartar is removed properly, we will begin to polish your teeth. Polishing your teeth helps smooth out the rough surfaces, thus making it harder for the plaque to stick or accumulate on your teeth. Polishing is also a great way to freshen up your smile and reduce bad breath, especially among kids.


The whole procedure is painless and is recommended every six months. Upon finding any sign of gum disease, we will advise you cleaning sessions to clean up your teeth and gums and control the risk of infection. If the gum disease is more severe, a deeper form of oral cleaning may be required. We may give you a local anesthetic or another form of sedation for such a procedure.

What are the benefits of regular dental cleaning appointments?

Regular dental cleaning can offer numerous benefits, such as:


Protect Your Teeth and Gums
Prevention is a better option than going for treatment. During the checkup, the dentist can diagnose and treat any signs of dental problems at their earliest, which otherwise left untreated can lead to further dental issues.


Detect any Dental Problems
Our dentist will screen you and detect any dental problems like oral cancer, cavities, broken fillings, gum disease, etc., and suggest dental treatment like a root canal, gum surgery, extraction, etc.


Goodbye Bad Breath
Sometimes, the underlying health issues result in chronic bad breath or halitosis, so during the dental checkup, our dentist can examine and determine treatment accordingly.

What is the Aftercare?

It is suggested to maintain your overall dental health by cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly to remove the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and other substances. Visit our clinic now and then for regular cleaning and dental check-ups. Please reach out to our dental practice in Sacramento, CA, to consult with our dentists, Dr. Rollofson Porrino and Dr. Fouladi. Call Scripps Family Dental in Sacramento, CA at (916) 929-1156 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.
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